Sunday, 11 October 2015

A walk through Henley on Thames

Lovely arches of Henley bridge, have only seen it before from the back of Still Rockin'

The Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin
A blast from the past!
Ground mist appears at just 6:45 pm, it was a cold night on Friday
Saturday morning, I bet the view from up there is spectacular

A very pretty row of terraced houses in Gladstone Terrace
Christ Church
More terraces here in Friday Street, the doors were very low indeed

The Old Foundry also in Friday Street with original windows and carved reproduction doors
Old Chambers - not sure of what though
Barn Cottage
Unfortunately there is very little information on-line about this fascinating street in Henley.

After our walk we returned to Still Rockin’ and untied from the visitor moorings but we’re not going far.
Back on the river
… through the bridge
… and past the pub, not very busy just now
Our plan is to moor once again just over there
… not quite in sight of Temple Island
A knock on the window made me jump as I was preparing dinner last night when this young man with his dog came to collect the mooring fees
It’s an Alaskan Malamut called Diesel, he was gorgeous, he howls not barks!

It may be of interest to other boaters planning to moor up in Henley that there are refuse facilities (landfill and mixed recycling) and also water taps available (use your own hose) on the visitor moorings opposite Rods Eyot.

Thanks Adam for the information regarding the black cygnets in Reading in 2011, I wonder where they are now?

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