Thursday, 19 September 2019

Chilly mornings and warm autumn days ...

Chilly outside but warm enough inside Still Rockin'

The guys in the little narrowboat of yesterday are out fishing and have caught something ... big! 

Those temperatures have risen considerably in the last few hours
 Out for a walk we can see through a gap in the hedge, competitors and visitors leaving Dorney Lakes at the end of the weekend's Triathlon

 It's nice and cool in the shade of the trees as we walk
 Bray Studios ... will they continue to make films here?
Arriving home ... the roast chicken should now be ready ... nearly time for dinner!

A good day!


Mike Todd said...

According to the latest Dracula is being made there as was Rocketman. Seems that the owners have found the housing market has softened too much to make it worth the re-development - for now.

Carol said...

That's what I though too Mike after some research here

when we came through a few days ago