Thursday, 26 September 2019

The Wonders of Nature

Our travels lately have been concentrated in one short area but even though we pass through the same river reaches what we see and experience are so diverse.

September so far this year has been amazing.

The weather here in the south of Buckinghamshire has been changeable day to day.  

Hot days and cold evenings and nights necessitating warmer bedding and before we know it warmer nights when the extra bedding is removed! 

Then we've experienced warm, wet and humid weather when the temperature has more or less stayed the same day and night.  

There's been mist and drizzle, wind and torrential downpours during daylight and night times and ...

Sunrises and sunsets have been wondrous (to me anyway).

This has been our weekend at Bourne End

Friday 20th ... sunrise in two minutes at 7 o'clock ...

and the sunset at 19:20

Saturday 21st ... a hot day ... perhaps the last of summer?

Sunday 22nd ... (happy 66th to my sister Sandra) it had rained all night and was wet and damp and humid all day ... 

it was a clean up day for us.  George has finished varnishing the window frames and it was time to get rid of all the dust etc.  I hate our home to be 'a mess'.  
As a treat we had Sunday lunch at the Spade Oak and got rather wet on the five minute walk there ... but worth it for not having to cook ...
 still some hardy souls about
 but still wonderful.

Monday 23rd ... a day of sunshine, of wind ... and showers ...

Tuesday 24th  ... we should have moved on today but in the strong wind and vicious, short but very sharp downpours it just wasn't worth the hassle when we could stay here and relax ...

watching the wonders of nature and being safe, secure, warm and happy.


Lisa said...

Fabulous sunset photographs Carol. I'm catching up with my blogs but your photographs make me feel all warm again.

Lisa xx

Carol said...

Thank you Lisa, I love them too.