Sunday, 22 September 2019

A very interesting day ...

 9:30 on Monday morning (16th) we pull away from our weekend mooring.  We're not going far today ...
 24 metre dutch barge Le Clochard is for sale with Waterview at £285,000 ... looks very nice inside.

Bridge works in progress at the M4 where the bridge sidings are being reinforced ...
 and the towpath is diverted onto pontoons.

Just the one lock today at Bray where the lock keeper was on duty ... the lock house looks good as we rise up
 Through Maidenhead ...

where we pass Jerry and Jackie on hotel boat The Billet for the second time in the last week or so.  We first met this lovely couple at Kingston in May and hope that their first season is going well.
 Boulter's Lock next but we're not going through today ...
 we moor instead on the Boulter's Hotel pontoon and will visit for a meal there this evening,
 Looking back downstream with Boulter's Lock landing on the right

 There was a mill on this site from the 14th century known as Taplow Mill (a 'bolter' was a miller).  For more history see HERE

 Off for a walk around the area ...

 The Mill stream as we cross the bridge to ...

 Ray Mill Island where the information board tells us that the island is named for the Ray family who managed a flour mill here.

There are some very nice sculptures on the island and lots of interesting activities for the young and lots to see for the older ones too ...
 Vintage Boys by Lydia Karpinska 1997

 Guinea Pigs

 and an aviary 

 and the friendly robin taking advantage of the bird food

 George wasn't sure this bridge would hold his weight!

The Companions dedicated to four Altwood School pupils who died in an accident in Salzburg in 1988.  The original was stolen and damaged beyond repair and following discussion with the boys' families it was decided to put an identical statue in its place in 2011sculptured by the original artist, Cookham's Eunice Goodman.

 How could anyone not want to touch this beautiful silky, shiny bark on this cherry tree?

Maiden with Swans
again by Eunice Goodman
(can't find anything regarding this plaque on the the statue)

 Now over the new pedestrian bridge to Taplow ...

 Jubilee River looking downstream (see here)

We've watched this building project for a number of years and it appears now to be nearly complete ...

I took this in 2016 when I wondered what the builders would do with it ... and it does look as it's being renovated sympathetically *
 The weir of the Jubilee River - an overflow to prevent flooding

 There are so many different styles of property here ...

* Guys Island as it now appears to be named will be apartments 

 A closer look at the Jubilee River weir where there is just one sluice open ...
and from the 'other' side

Crossing the Jubilee River which would channel flood water away from the area downstream

 Couldn't resist!
 Still more going on down on the riverside
 Driftwood Cottage ... nice!

 Walking home ... Still Rockin' can be seen centre above the hedge
 The old mill's sluice workings
Once home we had a meal at Boulter's Restaurant where we ate far too much!

A really good, interesting day.

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