Sunday, 8 September 2019

Visitors at Windsor

Our plan to stay at Dorney for a few days changed with a phone call from old friends ...
so at 8:45 on Tuesday (3rd) whilst George took out Still Rockin's pins and winded, I walked down to Boveney Lock where the lock keeper was seeing a trip boat up.  I signalled to George to pull over and wait.  It didn't take long and we were through ...

to where the Old Bill was waiting!

The day was bright but a bit 
chilly ...

as we cruised 
I always enjoy that first glimpse

There was only a couple of boats moored on Baths Island so it didn't take long to be safely moored up.
Wednesday morning it was wet ...

but a couple of hours later the sun was breaking up those clouds.

We're off out for the day ...

by train!

If you know Windsor you'll know that the railway station is a terminal and trains only go to and from Slough, so there's no problem as to which platform to wait at ... there's only one!

The trains run every 20 minutes so there's never long to wait.

We're of to Ikea at Slough; the internet says that it's less than a mile from the station ... an easy walk ... yes?

Well no, actually ... we walked and we walked and the internet kept telling us it was on our left ... but there was only a garage in sight.  George went in to ask and was told 'there's no Ikea here, the closest ones are in Wembley or Reading'
So what was all that about?

We walked back towards the station where we'd seen a shopping mall and managed to get all the items I needed except for the Ikea chair cushions that I wanted ... obviously!  I have to admit that I was tired, disappointed and still a bit cross by the time we got back to Still Rockin'.  Especially because we didn't get our meatballs for lunch!

Our visitors Sandra and Ian arrived on Thursday morning with Lab Zac and Jack Russell Jess
We walked through Alexandra Park and collected fish and chips from the riverside cafe and returned to Still Rockin' where we ate them al fresco on the deck.  It's a couple of years since we saw Ian and Sandra last so we had a lot of catching up to do ... it was really as if we'd only seen them yesterday ... that's how it is with good friends.
Four pm and they had to leave to beat the end of work-day traffic.
It was really good to see them again and hope that it won't be so long before we meet up again.


Mike Todd said...

I'd be annoyed about that false Google report as well! I tried with 'IKEA Slough' and was given just the same as you show. After looking at the location on street view (and realising that we had walked down that road a month ago!) I then went back to the Google search and found that the Slough result was no longer given! Strange . . .

Carol said...

Thanks for the comment Mike, when we got back I tried it again on Google and it didn't come up but it did today when I did the screen shot! As you say, strange!