Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Busy doing ... nothing much ...

in Marlow
6:30 on Wednesday morning (28th)

Friends Carole and Paul (wb Newlands) joined us later in the day and once they were moored safely in front of us with the bow under the tree, we went onboard and had coffee with them and I came away with a lovely surprise.
 Crocheted by Carole in Still Rockin's colours I absolutely love it.  I'm looking forward to cuddling into it this winter.

Thursday evening Carole and Paul and the two of us went to Bill's in Marlow and spent a lovely few hours chatting and laughing over a very nice meal.
Friday morning it's time for us to move on, wb Newlands will follow us shortly.

Marlow moorings have been full all the time we've been here ... probably parents and children enjoying their last full week before having to return for school.
Can't ever get enough of this view
The Compleat Angler, not been there but a must one of these days, patrons can moor on the jetty if there's space.
There's a lockie on duty at Marlow Lock and there's also a queue so we tie up to the landing to wait our turn; two cruisers come behind us, one small, one bigger and a few minutes later Newlands joined too. 
Looking back at the church and bridge while we wait
Our turn ...
The lock keeper thought that he could get us and the two cruisers into the lock and told George to rope up right at the end.  We were very close to the tail gate as we descended ...

and I was never so pleased as when I saw those gate open without touching Still Rockin'!

Looking back as we left the lock I realised that only the smaller of the two cruisers had been in the lock and there had actually been no need for us to be so close to the gates!

Youngsters having fun on the canoe and rowing centre below the lock being shepherded close to the pontoons away from the river traffic leaving and entering the lock.
Clearing the very steep landscape of the garden ... looking forward to seeing what's planted next year.

I shall never understand rowing in reverse!

Well I certainly wouldn't want to live in that!
I think that my favourite house on the Thames is in different hands ... over the past 18 months I've noticed that the older couple are no longer around and that a younger couple with a child, dog and boat are in evidence ... wish it was mine!
Dogs having fun as we approach our mooring ...
on Marsh Meadow ...
at Cookham 
Ten minutes later Carole cruises past ... not sure if we'll meet up with them again before they leave the Thames for their home mooring.
We're in a nice spot overlooking the golf course ...
this will do for us until Monday.

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