Wednesday, 18 September 2019

It's busy at Dorney ...

Saturday 14th September ...
7am and the rays of the rising sun through the trees are reflected from the greenhouse glass opposite our mooring onto the still water of the River Thames ... quite spectacular!

George is still busy revarnishing the window surrounds so I decided to go for a walk to Dorney Lakes where there the Triathlon Human Race season finale was being held.
I'd missed the day's swimming and the lake was calm so ...

I watched a few of the runners coming into the finish line ...

and some still on the course

This young girl was running with the athlete in the wheelchair and I heard him call to her ... 'this is the last time round!'
It wasn't so busy this year, no stalls selling food etc ...  we were at Dorney this time last year ... click HERE for those pictures. 
I didn't stay long, it was very hot out with no breeze so I was grateful for the shade as I walked back to Still Rockin'
It seemed that all hell had broken through later in the afternoon with rowers getting in the way of trip boats ...
and the trip boat getting out of the way of the rowers but possibly scaring to death the cruisers coming downstream!
All over the place!
Just after 6, I notice this small narrowboat over by the bank where it's very shallow and although there was an outboard motor the chap appeared to be using a paddle to turn the boat around.  I've never seen a boat over that far before. After a while they seemed settled and still, not moving with the flow of the river and I wondered if the boat was grounded there.  They weren't calling for help at all so assumed they were ok.
Sunsets are amazing at this time of year.

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