Saturday, 27 April 2019

The hot Easter Bank Holiday ...

... that's not something you can say often!
 Good Friday (19th April) we were spending Easter here on the meadow at Cookham and the temperature was regularly into the mid 20°c!

This building (above) opposite us was given a lot of attention by walkers on the meadow, some wondering if it was a hotel as it is so big and others admiring it as a whole.  During our stay having seen it's activity at all times of the day we decided that it was just a beautiful home for a very lucky family.
 Walking into town via the church yard ...
 and exiting via the beautiful church buildings

There was a new exhibition at the Stanley Spencer Gallery so we went in for a look-see.
and afterwards called into the Tea Shop ...

 for coffee and cake in the pretty garden at the rear
 We spent most of Easter on the deck watching the world go by ...

 including this amphibious car.

 The sun going down at 8pm ... and it was still warm!
 Easter Saturday we walked into Cookham a different way ...
 approaching from the opposite direction to yesterday

Cookham has a very pretty high street with lots of independent shops and eating places ... but no food shops ... you can't even buy an ice cream on a hot day unless it's from the van parked on the river car park! 
 Walking back along the river front ...
 Still Rockin' can be seen just to the right of the cruiser travelling towards us

Easter Sunday it was hot ... 32°c on the roof mid-morning and we spent the day relaxing in the shade of the rear canopy.
 Bank Holiday Monday's ...
 sunrise at 06:30

 the sailing club doing their 'thing' around the bouys.
and we had our first, of many hopefully, of 2019!

Nearly two years ago (May 2017) we were moored at Cookham for the first time ...  it was the town's 50th anniversary of Festival Week and we took a walk around the beautiful sculptures exhibited in the grounds of Odney House ...  click here to walk with us again.

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