Monday, 15 April 2019

Chucking a Ueee at Bourne End {Edited}

Friday (12th April) and we're settled in at Marlow for the weekend and decided to walk to Hurley Lock, there's a cafe there and we'd have a cuppa before returning home ... 
  passing Bisham Church over the river ...
 and approaching Temple Lock
 and footbridge which we need to cross as the towpath crosses over here to the other side of the Thames ...
but, oh dear, the bridge is closed as it is apparently unsafe.  There were diversion maps by the bridge but the only way to cross the river is from Marlow!  So we about turned and had a cuppa back on Still Rockin' instead. 
 Saturday morning was Marlow's weekly Park-Run, we watched them go by and return and that was enough exercise for us!  We spent the day doing boat jobs instead.
 Sunday morning dawned very cold at 0°c but the sun soon burned the mist away even though the temperature didn't rise above 9°.
 It was much warmer last night but this morning (Monday 15th) the wind was playing with us again ... as we untied the bow rope it started to blow us out into the river but there were no trees to get mixed up with today ...
 but we did have to use the piling to bump the stern along to start our turn downstream ...

 The bow moves away from the mooring and faces the huge house opposite
 and continues round until we're heading for ...
 Marlow Bridge ... and watch out for the young rowers
 Approaching the weir ... Marlow Lock is just in front of the houses in the picture and is on self service (no lockie on duty)
Usually locks have easy access from the landing where boats are tied up whilst waiting for the lock to be ready, but Marlow Lock doesn't ... George is currently tied onto Marlow's lock landing and the lock is to the right of the photo above where I'm standing.  Boaters have to initially need to drop off crew by the white post on the right and then reverse back onto the landing ... not an easy manoeuvre especially in a gusting wind! 

We've got 9 minutes to wait so I wandered about the lock with my camera

 I've picked a few apples from this tree over the years, today it's just coming into leaf and blossom.

 Lovely old houses by the lock

 Nine minutes are up, the lock is full, the gates are open and in she comes!

 The ramp onto the tailgate landing was very steep today which means that the river must be low. Apart from the wind George has to contend with the fast flow of water from the lock sluice

It's a shame this hire boat wasn't a few minutes sooner and I could have left the gates open for them

 These boats appear to have been on the lock visitor moorings for a while, the first and last boats were not displaying a license either.

A new build ... looks quite nice but rather large!
 We can see our destination for today in the distance but is there room for us?

The River Thames is a bit choppy today

Yes!  Loads of space ... we need to chuck a Ueee first though ...

Winding (using the wind to turn)
 Great views once we're moored up
 My very favourite house on the Thames
 A Coot's nest with eggs in the lake as we take a walk ...
 and end up at the Spade Oak for a drink outside ...
which became lunch inside ... Loverly!


KevinTOO said...

And I wonder who was moored under that tree-trunk during winter? ;)
Certainly explains the lack of wood... Vic was that your doing? :)

Carol said...

You could very well be right Kevin!

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Yay! Two of my favorite boaters are on the move again!!! Your posts always make revisited places seem fresh and new.

I could not get the videos to work.

Love Jaq xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Cheltenham & Gloucester!
Just saying hello after our riverside walk/chat this morning.
Obviously I have found your site, but not sure this is the right place to say hello?
Pleasure talking you both earlier.
Have a peaceful stay in Bourne End.
(You may like to check your spelling of your caption of Bisham church)

Carol said...

Hi Jaq, good to hear from you! I'm working on the video as we speak and will update asap. Love and big hugs to you. xx

Carol said...

Hi Jim,
Yes it was good to meet you yesterday, thanks for remembering our details and looking us up. I'm working on the video now and will also edit the caption you mentioned. Enjoy the blog.