Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Galavanting again ... to celebrate all the birthdays!

Since we arrived home from our wonderful holiday in Australia on the 18th March, we've spent just ten days on the boat catching up with the usual chores of being away and packing our suitcases again! The end of March is the Palin's party weekend ... and this year it's a bigger party than usual ...
On Tuesday (26th March) which was George's birthday we hired a vehicle and drove to his sister's house near Market Drayton; they moved north a few days before Christmas and this is us setting out on a walk on the Wednesday. 

Beautiful countryside

and their beautiful front garden
 We said cheerio to Paul and Di on Thursday (28th) and continued our journey north ...
 to spend a lovely few hours with my sister who had also moved north back in October to a lovely bungalow near Blackpool
 They are so happy with their decision to move.
After saying our cheerios to Rugsa and Sandra we're now heading south again ...

We got caught up in heavy traffic on the way where the cows were most interested in the car park on the road!

We arrived at the Palin party house at about 5:30 and were soon ensconced  in The Bentlands for celebration drinks ...
 as it's grandson Ed's 18th Birthday today ... that's Ed in the middle there with his girlfriend Pippa
 and his Mum and Dad, Mark and Ange who is also celebrating her birthday on Sunday!
Ed and Pippa again
Lucy (Ed's sister) who will be celebrating her 21st birthday tomorrow and her boyfriend Dan.
Later that evening Ed and Pippa went out for meal
and the following day (Friday 29th March) it was lovely Lucy's 21st!  She and Dan celebrated her 21st also by going out for a meal at Miller and Carter's Steakhouse

Saturday was the party day ... the day started with ...
the boys (grandad, dad, grandson, uncle, cousin, and three boyfriends) went go-kart racing which was won by Rob (our eldest granddaughter's fiancé).

The girls had an extra special day ... our eldest granddaughter Louise was looking at wedding dresses ...
 and we all went along!

Linda at Heavenly Wedding Belles, Telford made all of us most welcome (tissues supplied for the occasional tear!) and Louise (not in the picture above tried on about 9 dresses before choosing 'the one'.  
What a wonderful couple of hours that was and I felt really privileged to have been able to share that moment with her, her Mum, her sisters, her aunt, her cousin and two girlfriends.

After all the excitement of the morning all the boys and girls met up in Telford for lunch ...

 Messing about!

 All seated and served with cocktails (two purchased together being cheaper than purchased separately)
 We all had an excellent meal at Coal Grill and Bar

Later that evening everyone got together at Mark's together with other Aunts, cousins and friends to celebrate all those birthdays ... and a good time was had by all of course.

Sunday was Mother's day and also our daughter-in-law Ange's birthday, so Sharon and family came to see us all at Marks house to say Happy Birthday to Ange. I received Mother's Day presents too!

Monday Lucy and Ed's Granddad Norman brought Lucy's 21st birthday present to the house ... wow a beautifully restored (by Norman) 1972 Volkswagen Beetle. She's a very lucky girl!

Tuesday (2nd April) we left Mark's house to travel north again ...
this time to Scotland to spend a few days with our daughter Sharon and family ... 
but first we heard that George's Aunty Flo had been admitted to hospital in Sheffield very poorly, so as we were 'sort of' passing we called in to spend a little time with her. We've since heard that she is on the mend ... great news. 

We continued our journey through North Yorkshire stopping for lunch in the Yorkshire Dales at Mainsgill Farm ... a rather unusual farm (click the link) which apart from the animals that you would expect to see on a fam, has Llamas, Rheas and ...

 It's a truly lovely setting and well worth a visit.
 Snow on the hills of Cumbria as we continue to Largs.
 Sharon drove Joanne, George and me to Castle Semple Park on the shores of Lochwinnoch
We walked through Parkhill Wood
passing this beautifully carved tree to the late Gothic Castle Semple  Collegiate Church ...
Joanne with Labs Diesel and Aero
Monument to Lord Sempill
The Harvey family graves
Henry Lee Harvey and his wife Elizabeth

for more information on the Harvey's of Castle Semple please click here

Walking back to the car

Amazing carved furniture worn to a shine from being sat upon
Joanne taking a rest and George has to get in the picture too!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday (6th April) when we left Scotland travelling south once again to Di and Paul's house where we broke our journey by staying overnight arriving back at Hambleden Marina and Still Rockin' at lunch time on Sunday.  

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