Friday, 19 April 2019

Back to Oz ... our first Kangaroos and Gariwerd (the Grampians)

Friday 22nd February ... what will today bring?

Up at 5 for breakfast at 6:30 at the award winning Gariwerd Motel, Halls Gap which sits in the Fyans Valley 200 mtrs above sea level

The silver seed pods on the tree are shaped like bells and look very pretty among the pink flowers growing below
We're waiting for my brother Garry and his wife Sue to make an appearance ... we've not seen any kangaroos yet ... if we'd have known we should have stayed up last night or got up even earlier this morning as there were lots of signs that kangaroos had been on the lawn!
Moon going down
Here they come!

Grampians Road is empty of any signs of life as we wait for the other passengers to be ready

Our guide Ash informs us that he know a place where we will see kangaroos just a short way along the road ... at the cricket ground ...

The first thing we see are Emus
and then ...

We spent about 30 minutes here taking photos ... 
and wow, it was an unbelievable experience.
Back to the coach
We're bang, slap in the middle of the Grampians and in just over an hour we've driven up the mountains ranges ...
 To Reeds lookout at approximately 700mtrs for amazing views ...
 Lake Bellfield a reservoir covering 96 acres was completed in 1996

 Us with Mount William in distance
Garry and Sue with him and me!
Lake Wartook reservoir was completed in 1886 to serve the surrounding inhabitants 
 From Reed Lookout we walked the 2km to the Balconies ...

Evidence of a recent bush fire as we walk

Although its only about 9 am it's getting very warm!
Amazing rock structures
Reaching for the sky
 A better view of Mount William

Looking down!
Garry is a big 'Potters' fan!

No ... that's not George!
but that is me!
A last glimpse through these magnificent rocks at the far reaching views before we're back on the road to our next destination just 6km away.

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