Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Back to Oz ... The Magnificent Mackenzie Falls ... and those steps ...

Ash, our guide had warned us that although the Mackenzie Falls were spectacular the steps were steep down to the gorge and there were over 260 of them!  We had just an hour or so to explore ...

More signs of very recent bushfires as we walk to the steps ...

We can now see the top of the waterfall as it cascades over the huge cliffs
It's a long way down!
We're glad it's not raining as the stepping stones would be too slippy and the flow of water too strong

Still going down ... but can now see the deep pool which the water thunders into
We're at the bottom!
The sun is high and makes the water glisten and the spray is like rain!
I was amazed that I did those steps ... did you know I don't like water and can't swim either?
There's a path that follows the gorge
Looking back I can see the fine spray as the water tumbles

Time to walk back to those steps ...
stopping frequently to look back at the view get my breath back!

48 seconds of water falling ... turn up the sound!

Resting again and looking down ... and up ... there's still a long way to go and I was really tired.  The climb back up to the car park was absolutely exhausting and we were pleased to climb back onto the coach and relax.  We're going to be a bit stiff tomorrow that's for sure!

We left Mackenzie Falls at about 12:12 and travelled the hour or so to Ararat for a meal after which it was back to the coach for the drive back to Melbourne 2.5 hours away, arriving at our hotel about 5:30.

Our two day tour of the Great Ocean Road and Grampians with Wildlife Tour Australia was absolutely amazing especially as our guide Ash was so knowledgeable, friendly and had lots of stories to tell.  Over the two days he drove us approximately 260 miles not counting the numerous short excursions off the main roads to enable us to see all sorts of wonderful things that he knew we'd not want to miss.  

He prepared and provided lunches, drinks, and prepared breakfast for all the young passengers who stayed in the hostel overnight (he must have been up very early indeed bearing in mind that we didn't get to our allocated sleeping quarters until after 11-pm and we were back on the coach by 7-am). In my opinion he went above and beyond his duty to ensure that everyone on the coach had a wonderful time ... we certainly did.

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