Friday, 21 September 2018

To buy eggs ...

we have to walk once again part way through Dorney ...
 Marquees are being erected for Saturday 22nd September - a private event with no public access.

We continue to the egg farm which also takes in unwanted ponies and does some livery ...

Spooky and Gem

 Chancer and Monty

Blaze and Twigs

Bo and Whirlee

Eggs purchased and ponies all petted and photo'd we continue back towards the river ...

 where the cows have left their field to find better pasture

 along the road side verges as we walk towards ...
the church of St Mary Magdelene, a grade I listed building
 Slivers of flint have been inserted in the mortar between the stones, this is partly decorative/functional and is called galletting

Beautiful tiled floor

This Memorandum fascinated me. It appears to be saying that a local man, William Mountague near the end of Elizabeth's reign purchased land, an island and water forming part of the river Thames on behalf of local inhabitants for a yearly payment (I'm not sure who he was purchasing from).  Another William Mountague who had kept the property for his own use for 19 years sued and obtained a decree for the land and water under The Great Seal of England at Westminster dated May 30th 1676 pursuant to an Act of Parliament in the 43rd year of Elizabeth's reign intituled an Act to prevent fraud in lands given for charitable use which appears to becoming widespread.

 The church is mention in 1266 when the offerings were assigned to the vicar of Burnham

 St Mary Magdalene church is now owned by The Friends of Friendless Churches
 For more of its history click here
Church of St Mary Magdelene from the towpath of the River Thames.

It's been another warm but windy day today but so long as it stays dry we're happy!

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