Thursday, 13 September 2018

A good day to move on ...

Pulling away from the meadow at Medmenham yesterday just after 9am
Looking upstream as we cross the river
and pass the moored boats along the bank
When we saw the board outside Medmenham Abbey we thought it was up for sale again; but no, builders are doing some renovation work.

Looking back at our wake as we pull out of the narrows onto the wider River Thames again
Approaching Danesfield House and the sailing club below ...
used by Royal Air Force
Approaching Hurley Lock where as soon as we pulled over to use the services George had a phone call from Chris on fuel boat Merchant who was just coming into the lock which was on self service.  While George took off the security locks on the fuel tank I went down to the lock to bring Merchant up.  Stanley was sooo excited to see me ... either that or the custard creams that he knows are on the boat!
Chris on Fuel boat Merchant leaving Hurley to continue on his rounds ...
soon followed by new boat on the block Irony
Down and out of the lock we pass Peter Freebody boatyard with all those beautiful wooden boats already covered against the coming winter weather
Thames steamboat Alaska with a full head of steam at her mooring

Keep left now for Temple Lock just a short distance from Hurley

Approaching and leaving Temple Lock

Approaching Bisham Abbey now and ...

and in-between a large riverside house is for sale but you certainly can't see it from the river

From here we could see a possible mooring space on the visitor mooring in Marlow so we set off across the river and grabbed it.
Love this view of Marlow's All Saints Church and the bridge 
Fabulous light at 7pm ...

and how it changed again at 7:30 ...
and in the dark at 8:15 ...


Adam said...

Lovely series of photos of the church.

Carol said...

Thanks Adam.