Thursday, 20 September 2018

Cheerio and hello ...

 Tuesday morning after a very warm but bumpy night with the 60mph gusting wind hitting both boats, it was cheerio to Sue and Vic, we're not sure if we'll meet up again before our winter moorings ... happy cruising to them both.

Soon afterwards whilst I was hanging washing on deck a young couple out walking came to the boat and asked about the boat moored behind us; they live in Windsor and walk along here quite regularly.  We discussed the length of time that boat had been moored there; although it was licensed (C&RT Gold), the EA don't control any time restrictions on moorings on private land (this land belongs to Eton College as far as I know).

We then got talking about the area and our boat, they introduced themselves, Angela and Martin, and we invited them in for a quick look round.  Angela's parents used to live opposite on what I now know used to be called Sutherland Place/Estate so now I can do some research into those lovely houses.  Thank you Angela and Martin for all the information, it was lovely to meet you both.

Magna Carga Hotel Boat passing Still Rockin'

Once Angela and Martin left we set off to walked through the beautiful grounds of Dorney Lake to Dorney Court and Garden Centre.  Although it was still very windy it was also very warm recording temperatures of 26°c!

We had a lovely lunch in Dorney Kitchen and afterwards ...
I chose new violas for my roof-top boxes and Dianthus, Ivy and Lavender for my round pot ... a nice smelly pot!

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Tom and Jan said...

Carol I remember you mentioning you and George are planning to visit Perth in the New Year. Can I place a request for both of you to find time to visit (or we will collect and return you). I'm in desperate need of some BBQ lessons from an expert!