Monday, 24 September 2018

NB Rock 'n' Roll for sale

This lovely narrowboat

is now on brokerage 
with ABNB

for details click here


Vallypee said...

I keep seeing this and getting a fright that it is your boat that’s for sale! I wish I could afford a narrowboat too. Rock n Roll looks lovely!

Herbie Neil said...

I was just about to put in an offer, then I noticed R&R had scalloped coach lines. That's a red line for me so I'll let someone else have it.


Vallypee said...

What on earth is a coach line? Do tell?

Carol said...

I'll take that as a 'no' then Neil!

Carol said...

Hi Val, a coach line is a decorative painted line down the length of a coach, bus, car, boat etc., sometimes known as a 'go-faster' line!

Carol said...

For some reason I've not been able to reply to comments so I've had to change the settings on my blog - hope this doesn't prevent anyone from commenting in the future.