Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sunset and Doris over the Thames

Well, February so far has been the usual mixture of weather 
A glorious sunset last Friday after a lovely day with clear blue skies
Storm Doris has hit the UK and the gusting 80km/h winds are coming directly into the stern of Still Rockin'.  Of course it would be much worse if it was hitting us broadside!
We still have some blue sky though with those scudding clouds 

Here at Hambleden (nr Henley on Thames) we look as if we shall get off lightly!


KevinTOO said...

I know i'm getting repetitive, but... Great Photos (yet again) Carol :)

Carol said...

Thank you Kevin, I really don't mind you repeating how much you enjoy the pictures! xx

Vallypee said...

I agree with Kevin, (to avoid the risk of repeating myself too). Storm Doris got us too! It was hectic with the wind, but even more hectic on the roads. It took me nearly two hours to drive 7kms!

Carol said...

So long as you arrived safely Val, it certainly was a bad day in some area. x

Vallypee said...

Yes! Luckily, being stuck in a traffic jam rarely involves much risk except to my temper...haha xx