Wednesday, 22 February 2017

48 years

I'm  a bit behind on my posts at the moment, we've been busy, busy!
This is George and I with our families 48 years ago (14th February, 1969).
Of course that demanded a celebration so we booked a table at the Dog and Badger ~ a bit extravagant but worth it just this once.
 The D&G wine cellar  ~ that's our 75cl bottle of wine on our table and the bottle in the cellar is I think the waitress said is 5 litres, how anyone managed to lift and pour from the bottle is beyond me! Perhaps it was placed in on the floor with lots of drinking straws in it!
 A nice touch from the restaurant at the end of our meal.
... and a beautiful bouquet from my lovely hubby.


Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Oh, well done, 48 years definitely deserves a good meal, bottle of fine wine and a bouquet of flowers. Happily Doris has moved on leaving you unscathed and spring can't be far off now.

Take care
Love Mac & Jacquie

Carol said...

Thank you both xx