Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Fix my Street

A few weeks ago Maffi posted on his blog an interesting article called Fix My Street.

As I've said at least a dozen times on my blog that we're on a great bus route here at Hambleden going to High Wycombe in one direction and Reading in the the other.  All fantastic except for the footpath which leads from the marina to the Reading bus stop and a little further to where the busy road can be crossed for the High Wycombe stop, which had become very overgrown narrowing the path to about 18" wide and was dangerously slippy in the wet mud.

So I contacted Fix my Street with the details and lo and behold within a few days the contractors were there fixing my street!
View of the footpath to the Reading bus stop from the marina entrance in front of the white houses taken from the High Wycombe bus stop after the footpath had been cleared
We didn't even know that there was a crossing here before it was cleared it was so overgrown.

A worthwhile service and a good job done.


Vallypee said...

Wow, now that's good service! Would that there were more rapid response services like this!

Carol said...

I know! We really didn't think that we would see the job done, if ever it was even! Fix my Street is a good app in itself but for the council to act so quickly too is amazing!