Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year Walk

In the cold wind and brilliant sunshine yesterday we set off from Still Rockin' just before 11-am.  We've purchased an OS Explorer map from which there is a downloadable app for our phones into which a route can be mapped and followed.

Today's walk would take us up towards Hambleden village but veering off to our right through a couple of wooded areas, up some steep hills, along the top of the Chilterns, round the back of the village, down the hill into Hambleden to the Stag and Huntsman for an alcoholic coffee (20-minutes) and back home by 2:30-pm. 

Quoted as being a 5.34 mile walk, after wandering off the path a couple of time and our walk to the 'start' we reckon we walked about 6.5 miles.

I took loads of pictures as usual and will let them show you our travels, some really lovely views and a great walk.

A very simple construction to both feed and water grazing animals be they domestic or wild
Female Grey Wagtail looking for insects in the muck-pile!
Some lucky children have a wonderful adventure playground
Coming into Hambleden village with St Mary's Church in the background which we've yet to visit.
This monument in the church graveyard and is almost derelict.  Around the top from what I could read, it starts "This monument is here to remember ..." I couldn't decipher the rest.  It's obviously a war memorial but not mentioned in any of the websites I've searched.

A quick restorative alcoholic coffee enjoyed at the pub
Yewden Manor grade II listed now split into four residences
Mill End Farm at the crossroads
... and home!


Vallypee said...

Gorgeous photos, Carol. England is so beautiful, and in this winter sunshine, you've captured the essence of the countryside. A lovely walk indeed and well done for your 6.5 miles. I'm guessing that's something over 10kms, isn't it? Happy new year to you both and thank you for all the kind words you've sent me!

Carol said...

Thank you Val, I'm pleased you like my photos, it certainly was a fantastic day in a lovely part of the world. 6.5 miles in equal to just under 0.5 km. Regards to you.

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lovely Carol!! Those sheep appear to be posing just for you! xxx

Carol said...

They do Jaq! They all look pregnant too. x