Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Nuts about nuts ... and kingfishers

... and fun on the feeders
... has become a regular
... visitor to the peanuts
And I love to watch the squirrels
... hanging by their tails to feed.

The nut feeder usually last 4/5 days but the seed feeder is a different kettle of fish and is usually empty in just a few hours! Most of the birds and squirrels eat nicely but there is at least one Chaffinch who just throws the seed everywhere and is very rarely seen eating them directly from the feeder, but having read the RSPB information in the link above I realise that they are actually ground feeders.

And at last ...

I got the Kingfisher, isn't he lovely!

Sorry about the quality of these pictures, they were taken through the boat double glazed boat window and the perspex winter cover  since by the time I get the camera, open the door and step outside onto the deck the action has gone!

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