Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A walk along the Southbank ...

 The Navigators by David Kemp 1987
A River of bridges
Graffiti and busking in harmony
... crossing the Thames via the Millenium Bridge to St Paul's Cathedral where we spent a few hours before continuing our walk on the North Bank

I saw the galleon on top of this steeple from a distance so came to see if it was a sailor's church.  It's not actually but is named after a 4th century saint St Nicholas of Myra patron saint of fishermen amongst other groups.  
We walked around the outside and found an open door so had a quick peek inside ... what a beautiful setting for a wedding reception.
The main event for us was St Martin's Theatre for a performance of The Mousetrap.
We enjoyed the performance although we had no idea really what to expect.  How can a play run for 64 years and over 126,000 performances to full houses without the plot and outcome being a well known fact ... it's because the audiences are asked to keep the ending a secret! So don't ask and I'll tell you no lies!

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