Friday, 6 January 2017

Would you believe it?

We were late getting up yesterday morning, at 8:45 it was still minus 7.6 degrees!

..... and yet ......

 Just after 1-pm we were stitting on the back deck with all the panels open with a cup of tea!
 ... and it was 24, that's 24 degrees!
 ... no, wait, that's 26 degrees
 Wow, a summertime temperature of 27 degrees!!!

The metal of the boat was quite hot to touch...
 ... the sky was perfect
... and the swans came acalling!

Then the Tesco man turned up and it was busy busy busy again.

A fantastic interlude!


Andy said...

Dam... we came all this way to get a few degrees warmer;)

Happy New Year to you both.

Carol said...

He he he!

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

You are doing better than us, Carol, and it's meant to be summer here! I think we are following the UK's summer pattern from 2016, dammit!

Carol said...

At least your summer will get better Marilyn, that bit of summer sun we had did only last for an hour or so but it was soooo welcome! Hope all is right with you and David and are looking forward to being back on board Waka Huia and perhaps on the Thames too. If so we'll see you both then. x