Saturday, 28 January 2017

Busy days

 It's hard to believe we've not cruised anywhere in 3 months!
We've not been bored though, we've kept busy with all sorts of things.
The bird feeders are still giving us lots of interest, the squirrel still visits to hang by his tail on the nut feeders, there's usually at least one goose too.  This day we've had a male and female Mallard come to pick up the seeds that the cheeky chaffinch throws about and a few seconds before I took the photo the moorhen that stays most of the day moved out of shot.  The woodpecker and male pheasant are still regular visitors most mornings.
 Temperatures this week have been well below freezing but some jobs just have to be done anyway!
 Both rear and front canopies have been removed
 ... for scrubbing before we take them to Kinver Canopies for some alteration to be done to make using them more efficient.  The sun was actually warm as George worked.
 On Tuesday we had another day out with George's sister Diane and husband Paul ... I wonder if you can guess from these two pictures where we went?

 Just in case you can't, here are a few more which may help

Diane and George

On Wednesday after doing some bits of jobs in the morning we caught the bus to Reading where some retail therapy took place before we walked to Enterprise Cars to collect a vehicle for a couple of days.

A very early start on Thursday morning.  Our first port of call was Kinver Canopies about 1.5 hours away where we left the covers to have some extra zips put into them hoping that they would be ready by the end of the day.
This place I'm sure is much easier to recognise ...
 ... if not I'm sure this one will do the job!
It was the first time we'd been in here as they don't welcome dogs. We had steaks for lunch before calling next door to Midland Chandlers for a new water pump, ours had given up the ghost a week or so ago.  George always keeps a spare which was fitted so now we needed another spare.

Back on the road once more our next stop was EcoToilets, no longer at Hillmorton Wharf but online only.  It was a bit difficult to find as we weren't aware they had moved!  We left with a couple of large bags of cocoa shell.

Back then to Kinver where the canopies were finished, rolled up and ready for us to collect in nice strong bags making them easy to carry.  Kinver Canopies had sprayed them inside and out with a product that they hope to retail which removes that horrible algae  which collects on the canvas, it should keep the algae at bay for a good while.  Although there was no algae on ours because George had scrubbed them clean we'll keep an eye on them to see if and when the algae starts to build up again.

Back home to Still Rockin' by about 5pm shattered!

Yesterday morning it was back on the road to Halfords at Maidenhead where a 5ltr container of ironised water was less than the price of 2.5ltr from Midland Swindlers!

Back home for lunch and then George returned the car to Enterprise and did a bit more shopping for tools he needs to complete the list of jobs still outstanding!

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Vallypee said...

Wow, you have been busy! Your photos are lovely as always. When the sun shines in winter, the light is gorgeous isn't it?