Saturday, 26 November 2016

Walking to Henley on Thames

Although I've not been in the right frame of mind to post a blog we have been getting out and about and keeping ourselves busy.

In a previous post we found ourselves with insufficient water under Still Rockin' to keep her properly afloat but in the last few days that changed drastically with lots of very heavy persistent rain.  To get ourselves out we decided on Wednesday that we'd walk the two miles along the river to Henley. It was the morning after it had rained all night long.
To walk into Henley you first have to cross the river via the weir footpath and what a difference it made with the sluices open and the water thundering down.
The mill stream looks tranquil but although the weir gates were open to allow the bulk of water down river there was also a strong current taking water under the mill bridge and lifting SR off the bottom.
All this water is heading for the lock cut (approach to/exit from a lock) but there are no boats, the river is closed to navigation because of the strong currents.

Normally most of the water comes over this section of the weir but on that day there was hardly anything at all.  If you look carefully at this picture the lock entrance can be seen and a 'red board' is is displayed warning of strong currents and craft should not navigate the river.
Open weir sluices

We've not seen the temple from this side of future river and without leaves on the trees and in the sunlight it looked good.  Once we'd done our shopping we took the bus back to the marina.

Today we needed to visit Henley again but this time went in by bus as we'd got some stuff for the charity shops and once that was done and we'd treated ourselves to some lunch we started to walk home.

Although we've moored at Henley a few times it was only to shop for provisions so today we took the opportunity to visit St Mary's church for a look around.
 It was very peaceful inside.  Click here for more info.
Round the back of the church is the Chantry House the only grade I listed building in Henley on Thames.


Sandi said...

Big hugs Carol and George, love you both. Sandra. Xxx

Carol said...

... and back at you Sandra. xxx