Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Temple moon

Out walking yesterday I noticed for the first time in the distance  the Temple at Henley on Thames.  First built (as a folly) in 1771as a fishing lodge for Fawley Court it has had a few owners since then.  In 1986 a 999 year lease was purchased by a steward of Henley Regatta and restoration works took place.  The wall paintings were brought back to their original colours, the balcony was replaced and the island thickly planted with trees and a statue  in keeping with the style of the temple was placed within the cupola.  It is now available for event hire.
Nothing to do with the temple!
This is the moon this morning at 7:52 .... Wow!


Chas and Ann said...

How amaising to see the mountains on the moon round the edge. What did you use to get the picture?

Carol said...

Just the camera I use every day Charles, a Panasonic Lumix TZ70.

Vallypee said...

How lovely to know the folly is being restored, Carol! That photo of the moon is fabulous! I use a Panasonic TZ compact too, but I think mine's a bit older...haha. It's a TZ5, but it still works a treat. I don't think it could do a moon shot like this though :)

Carol said...

This is the 3rd TZ I've had since being a boater and I've been really pleased with all of them. I take lots and lots of photos and have been a bit disappointed that the previous ones both ended with the same intermittent problem when the on/off button failed to work. Nothing worse than seeing the picture and your camera decides not to switch on!