Tuesday, 8 November 2016

First week

Apart from settling in and exploring the very local area we've also been busy doing a few tasks on Still Rockin' and people/boat watching ...

On Sunday Hambledon Houseboat Gypsy Willow was expertly steered by Peter round the moored boats through the now very narrow channel to moor up on the rising pontoon in front of us.

Unfortunately the 3-mobile phone signal here is nonexistent inside the boat and if we're really lucky we can get one bar standing outside on the grass so yesterday (Monday) after some research on the best coverage in this area George took the bus into Marlow to the Vodaphone shop to enquire about a pay-as-you-go sim to tide us over the winter. The visit was well worth while. As as well as buying a £10 sim card he also received information about contracts with Vodaphone.  We are currently paying 3 £30 for 30gig monthly and with Vodaphone we can have 50 gig for only £25!  No brainer indeed.  So today he will contact 3 to give notice to terminate that contract and obtain a PAC to enable him to keep his phone number and arrange a new contract with Vodaphone.  For the time being though the number has changed (if you do need to contact us though please comment here or on on my FB page and we'll get back to you).

Today ... well it's a bit chilly even so far south as we are it was -8.9 degrees at 6am this morning!
 Frozen webs on the pram hood cover
 ... and fantastic light at 6:45
... note another boat arrived on Sunday too breasted up opposite us.
One of the tasks George has completed was to make a wide gangplank as due to shallow water the gap is just a bit too wide to stride, he's covered it with a nonslip covering and it's working well staying in place by stoppers fixed on the boat end to stop it from moving about although we're not sure what will happen when/if the water rises.  Will be interesting to see!
If you read the blog regularly and are very observant you will see where the wood came from for the gangplank!


Sue said...

It looks colder there than it is here Carol! Now I know where the gangplank has come from.. I wonder if others will have to look at previous pics of SR?! ;-)

Oh, drop me an email with phone number please x

Carol said...

Hi Sue, will do.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

I read the b;og regularly, as you know, but obviously am not very observant!
Anyway, it looks COLD there. I am currently looking out my bedroom window to a lovely clear blue sunny sky, cinerarias (sp?) and azaleas flowering, roses budding. new growth on the baby lemon tree and the silverbeet (chard to you), parsley, rocket, mint, rhubarb all flourishing after lots of spring rain while we were away!
Interesting about the 3 coverage, Carol. We use 3 in the UK, and bought a Vodafone SIM and put it in a spare phone as a back-up last year in case of poor coverage. I will remind David to keep it handy for next year.
Stay warm and be safe crossing the great divide! M&Dxx

Unknown said...

Frost? what's a frost? Don't get many of them down south! No not the south Midlands where you and Sue are, but down here on the edge of the Gulf Stream where we have Palm Trees in our gardens (West Cornwall).

Carol said...

Your garden sounds lovely Marilyn and will soon smell great too with the roses and mint etc. We are a bit 'out in the sticks' just here and there are no mobile providers with 'full' coverage but Vodaphone was the best according to the internet mapping.

Carol said...

Hi Andy, I wouldn't have thought that Henley on Thames was south midlands !

Unknown said...

It is compared to here,don't forget that the Isle of Wight is further North than most of Cornwall, and I'm only about 12 Miles due North of the furthest point south(The Lizard)! So to me you are definitely in the South Midlands!

Carol said...

Ok Andy.