Thursday, 10 November 2016

Ducking and diving

The sun was shining a couple of mornings ago when I got round to opening the blinds in the bow
 ... and I could see clearly under the bridge that leads to the marina office, I must ask what that structure is, it's obviously holding up some weight.  I also spotted the great crested grebe ...
 ... diving and reappearing elsewhere
 ... he's just disappeared and I'm waiting for him to reappear ...
 ... oops, that made me jump, he came from under Still Rockin'!
 Life goes on at the marina, the guys have brought a pontoon round to this channel and tied it to houseboat Gypsy Willow in front of us
... and also brought in another narrowboat, they are certainly filling the spaces with winter moorers now.


Herbie Neil said...

If they are filling up spaces does that mean you won't be able to go out for a cruise any time over the winter?
Kath (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

It will Kath. At the moment we could, with great care, reverse out past moored boats on the opposite side to us. Some of these are lived on and I'm not sure if the marina intend to pair them up, if they do we definitely will not be able to get out. But that's ok, we knew that when we accepted the mooring. Will you two be out and about or is that you at home for the winter now? Kind regards, Carol and George x