Friday, 4 November 2016

First frost

-3 yesterday morning forming quite a hard frost on the grass
2:30 and we're off for a walk
Over the walkway crossing the Thames just below Hambledon Lock
Houseboat Gypsy Willow moored in the weir stream, she will be brought round in the next few days to be tied to the rising pontoon in front of Still Rockin'.
The walkway is a bit of a dog's hind leg - looking towards the lock
At the first bend now looking back to the marina
... and forward again to the next bend
... where opposite someone likes a very groomed lawn
Now at the lock end of the walkway looking back towards the Mill and marina
This is the most recent picture I could find showing the walkway and weirs. 
(Marina on the left and lock on the right).
Continuing our walk along the Thames Path looking over the river to the Marina and Mill
Hanging about!
George loves a fairy glen!
Half three and we've nearly complete our circular walk and we're back on that walkway with a very dramatic sky
Not sure if these are tufted ducks or Scaups, what do you think?
Growing fast!
... and we're home!
Can you see what I can see?

He'll have to have good eyesight to see a fish in the river from up there!


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

What a lovely mooring you have! And great to be so close to good walks and lovely surroundings. Next time we are on the Thames, I'd like to do more off-boat exploration - our last trip was time constrained at 17 days and didn't leave anywhere near enough time for just mooring up and exploring!
Big hugs to you both, M&D

KevinTOO said...

Wonderful photos once again Carol :)
It looks to me like there isn't a great deal of flow on the river ATM
Bet it's quite spectacular with a bit of fresh running over the weir ;)

Ade said...

Looks a very nice mooring. You'll have a happy winter there I'm sure. Lovely walks to by the look of it.

Carol said...

Hi Marilyn, thanks for your comments. We say that every year about stopping more often and doing a bit more exploring .... one day! Hugs back to you and David. x

Carol said...

Hi Kevin, the river has been low all summer and I'm told by the marina owner that the level is about probably about right for a dry summer. Where the 3 steps on the weir are he has seen the water to be level with the other side of the river after a lot of rain in winter! That would look a bit spectacular I think! x

Carol said...

Thanks Ade.

Chas and Ann said...

As others have said the mooring looks ideal. Complete with water and power? Just enjoy the walks and views as you explore. Chas n Ann

Carol said...

Thanks Charles, the mooring is really good with water and power on a rising pontoon. We shall enjoy the walks here once we've discovered the pathways! Hope winter will be kind this year to allow us all out and about. Regards to you and Ann. xx

Les Biggs said...

Sorry but must repeat about the mooring, it's smashing.
All I can say is enjoy your winter and we will see you I'm sure at some point.

Carol said...

Thanks, and you will Les. x