Thursday, 3 November 2016

First day

... a settling-in day yesterday, tidying up and putting away items we'll not need for a while like life-jackets, mooring pins, etc.  The weather was fine and sunny but oh so cold, it's hard to believe that just two days ago it was just like summer!

We are aware that there will be other winter mooring arriving so what's going on around us? ....

... a narrowboat making a lot of noise

... with Marc (marina director/manager) at the tiller.  This is the way he gets the silt moving out of this channel, it builds up from a small inlet just behind where Still Rockin' is moored

Marc has also opened the sluice from the weir on the other side at Hambledon Lock to help too

... and asked George to run our engine and move the tiller to wash the silt away.

The narrowboat is now moored opposite us and later in the day dutch barge Kyrenia arrived and moored up.  I don't know if anyone will be staying on these boats whilst they're moored here. 

A cruiser has also arrived and moored infront of Kyrenia, it's starting to fill up!
Sunset after a busy day.
It feels good here, I think we'll be ok.


Sue said...

Looking good Carol, nice mooring. I presume that is a floating pontoon if so that is very safe. Nice bit of garden too.. Perfik!

Carol said...

Hi Sue, yes it is a floating pontoon and it feels good so far!

Les Biggs said...

Hope your winter quarters are all you wish for.
Guess it will be good to have a Base.

Carol said...

Thanks Les. This is the first time for us after 9 years of CC'ing we feel ready for a break and hope that this will be what we need, I think it will. Hope that Jaq is behaving and doing her exercises regularly! Hope that you too are managing to keep your pain under control. Hope to see you both again soon, in the meantime lots of love. x

Lisa said...

Carol this looks lovely, I hope you'll both be happy there.
How long have you pencilled in to stay?
Lisa xx

Carol said...

We're here until the end of March Lisa, 5 months. It sounds like a long time but there's busses to Henley and Marlow and the option of hiring a car when we want to venture further, the marina is small and family run and very friendly. We've got some jobs on SR that we want to complete while we're here without worrying about the weather and moving on. We think we'll get by alright. Best regards to you both from George and me. xx