Saturday, 5 March 2016

London day 7 … an early start

04:00 yes, that’s four o'clock in the morning!
We’ve snuck out of our Paddington Basin mooring, winded (turned) in the basin and cruised the short distance to a water point just past Paddington Station. We do this in the dark in an attempt not to lose our mooring space in the basin, if done in the light of day chances are that another boat will arrive and pinch it! The big boat now in front of us is called Brunel and has sat there empty for quite a long time.
It took about 45 minutes to fill the tank to ¾ full (it was a very slow tap) and this is us reversing to our mooring around the corner in the distance
Looking back down Still Rockin’ as we approach St Mary’s Hospital on the right
… and looking back the way we’ve come safe in our mooring
Looking from the bow of SR down into Merchant Square from the mooring and it’s now 05:45 ... job done!

The intention was to now have an easy day and to catch up on that missed shut-eye.  George decided he’d visit the Apple store in Regent Street as he’d a query about his Apple watch and when he got back we slept, we needed to because we were planning to go out on the town again in the evening.

 Back at the Warwick Castle pub for a last city meal before Ray and Diane (nb Ferndale) leave Paddington in the morning.
… and that’s us!
Good company and a good meal, we’ll catch up with them again at the end of the week.


Chas and Ann said...

My goodness, the things you have to do in London to get water! At least the accommodation is free on board. The local boaters must have a difficult time with the lack of facilities!

Paul and El said...

Is that a new water point? We used to sneak out at 04.00 am to get water but had to go to little Venice.

Carol said...

Hi both, I don’t think so, but it’s the first time we’ve seen them, they’re on stands like you’d get in a marina (elec points/water tap). they’re outside the restaurants where there are usually large boats permanently moored, much quicker and easier than going to the sani station. Thinking of you both lots and hoping that Monday’s consultation goes as you hope it will. Take care of each other. xx

Vallypee said...

I am also amazed at what you have to do to get water, but the photos are lovely! Is that you in the last picture, Carol? Your hair is much longer than in your profile pic, so I wasn't sure. Anyway, lovely happy photos, both of them!

Carol said...

Yes that’s me Vallypee!