Tuesday, 8 March 2016

London day 10

 A number 23 bus for me today to Trafalgar Square and short work down Whitehall
 … with the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Palace over the road

Big Ben is not actually the name of the clock or the tower … it is the name of the great bell inside the tower

Portcullis House, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament

 My destination is to the right and behind St Margaret’s Church, the Anglican Church of the House of Commons.  Unfortunately it's closed at present but well worth a visit I think next time.

where I’d booked a guided tour with one of the Vergers allowing me to see parts of the Abbey not available normally.  (The verger arrived wearing a warm woollen cape which gives some indication of how cold it was in there!).  The tour was very interesting and for the extra £5 was well worth it.

 Photography is not allowed inside the Abbey so I’ve taken

Looking up at the Nave
 The magnificent Lady Chapel ceiling and ensigns of current knights
 The verger also informed us of something to look forward to in 2018 … the triforium

"Westminster Abbey is embarking on an exciting new project to build a new museum and gallery: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries, in the Abbey's medieval triforium.
The gallery runs 70 ft above the Abbey floor, and has been hidden to the public for over 700 years. The new galleries will give visitors magnificent views to the Palace of Westminster and into the church, displaying treasures and collections reflecting the Abbey's rich and varied thousand-year history.”  
For more more information click here and here
The tour lasted about 90-minutes and as soon as it was finished I went in search of a hot drink in the Cellurium Cafe before continuing my tour by visiting the Cloisters

… and the Chapter House where I met the Abbey resident cat!
These Abbey visitors were creating sounds that echoed quite musically round the  octagonal building which was used as a meeting room for the monks.  

 Wall paintings in the Chapter house date back to around 1400
 Leaving the Chapter House

 The Little Cloister and College Garden
 Outside once again
 … I crossed the road to walk alongside the Palace of Westminster
… and took a final photograph of the Abbey.

Another great day in London!

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place at Westminster Abbey on 2nd June 1953 and the link above will take you to a digitally enhanced Utube video recording by the BBC of that day.

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