Friday, 11 March 2016

London day 13 … Spring is in the air

Another quiet(ish) day!
We decided on a take-away for dinner, looked at the menu of the local Chinese place and the prices were out of this world!  A supermarket take-away would be more to our taste pocket so we took a walk to the nearby newish large Waitrose Store that Diane and Ray had shown us directions to 2-weeks ago.
 So off we went from Paddington Basin, past the station … lots of empty mooring spots here just now.

We couldn’t find the steps which we used 2-weeks ago to gain access up to the road. Anyway we knew more or less in which direction we should go, it’s just that it took us about 45-minutes to get there.  Once I’d picked up a Tai meal for two we recognised the route we’d taken previously and it took us less than 10-minutes to get back to the basin.  In actual fact, if I hadn’t stopped to take the photo above, we’d have seen the steps just behind us! We’ll won’t make the same mistake next time!

 Can you see him near the back of the boat opposite us?
… no, not the man ...
We’ve been watching him for a couple of days ...
 … he’s been trying to decide which tyre he prefers before starting to build his nest and chosen this one. I worry that his nest will be washed away if when the boat is moved (it’s been here a lot longer than we have).

Big day tomorrow.


Fran said...

But think of the exercise! That is the type of daft thing I would do :) xxx

Carol said...

Well there was that Fran and we did go out to stretch our legs! x