Wednesday, 9 March 2016

London day 11 George’s day out

Just to give you a flavour of my day at The British Museum.
Quite an imposing building from the outside, however….when you venture inside it gets even better!

The cafe is on the upper floor…..
where there is a glass walkway linking the centre structure with the other galleries…. 
quite a dizzy height!
The next two pictures I put in for Les, as I know he comes from the Berko area, these were quite impressive….
and from the ground….a little taller than the Berkhamstead one!
Couldn’t resist these I’m sure Bones will appreciate them, although they do come with a ‘selfie’ which I failed to notice!

 The great hall, it went on for miles and if these exhibits were your main interest, you would have been here all day…..
 Unbelievable  treasures from around the world, some of them donated, others ‘discovered’ and brought here for display…..
 The Egyptian exhibits were in their hundreds….
 and priceless mosaics….
 The impressive scale of things….

 On my way back to Trafalgar Square, passing China Town….
I popped into the Portrait Gallery, this portrait of George V and Queen Mary was over twice my height….
 A final portrait of someone…..
you may recognise.

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