Monday, 20 October 2014

Still here!

 ’Twas a bit blustery yesterday but warm; this was the temperature on the roof of Still Rockin'
 ... and this was the view.  We didn’t get the wind that boaters were experiencing further north though.
 6:45 this morning - the little lights you can see are ...
... rowers!
Lots to do today, I’ve an opticians appointment this morning and George has one this afternoon.  We were going to get a move on tomorrow but that hurricane is heading this way so we’ll stay where we are and put in some extra mooring pins!

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Carol said...

Message left on Rock ’n’ Roll’s blog 22/10/14
Hi Carol, Did you know that Still Rockin was on Chanel 4 News this evening? Incidentally, I'm leave the comment here as I seem to need to have a "Profile" for the SR blog & I can't see how just to leave a name as I can here.
Graham - not of MR fame!

Thanks Graham, we didn’t know but will try to catch it on iplayer today.