Saturday, 25 October 2014


We left our mooring at Wargrave on Thursday morning
... passing some awesome homes
... and busy weirs, this one at Marsh Lock just downstream of
... Henley.  The moorings around here are expensive but one day we’ll take the bull by the horns, pay the fees and have a wander!
Cormorant drying his wings in the weir stream
Approaching Temple Island

Looking across Remenham Park to the trees now definitely getting their autumn livery
... and onwards to Hambledon Lock

... where that tug Churn has towed this hopper containing a pump-out tank (it stank as I held Still Rockin’ behind it in the lock!)

... and the one open weir spews the River Thames towards us
Chimneys and ...
... dragons!

Our original plan was to continue on to Marlow but the sight of the lovely meadow at Medmenham called us
... so we stopped, put the pins in
... and relaxed!

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