Sunday, 26 October 2014

No houses today!

We remembered to turn the clocks back before we went to bed last night but unfortunately we forgot to tell Molly who was up and ready to go long before we were!
 George reverses out from our cosy mooring on Clivedon Reach
 ... we couldn’t go forwards because of the tree trunk in the water so he winded (turned) and we headed off once again downstream

Boulters Lock at Maidenhead is the fist of three locks to do today

The bridge over the lock is very pretty.
 We’ve seen quite a few kingfishers over the last week or so but this is the first time one has stayed still long enough for me to grab the camera and shoot - not a brilliant picture but good enough for me!

At Dorney Wood moorings we could have taken our pick but that’s not our destination for today.  The church here is well worth a visit, the key can be borrowed (for a returnable deposit) from the lock keeper at Boveney Lock
Here we are and the Queen is at home too!
We’ve got very special visitors coming to see us tomorrow - can’t wait!


Adam said...

I think that was exactly the spot we moored in at Cliveden.

Carol said...

It’s our favourite although the trees had grown a bit since we were there last!