Sunday, 5 October 2014


 Below freezing temperatures! This morning it was minus 1 here in Abingdon ...
 ... there is mist on the water and frost on the grass as the sun rises ...
... and by 10:30 it was +20 outside and as I took this picture just after 6pm it was still only 13 degrees as the sun started to set.
The forecast is a warm night and tomorrow it’s rain and more rain, wind, gales and cold! Whatever next?


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

We lit the stove for the first morning of the autumn season the day before yesterday. Blustering high wind and lashings of rain today but we are cozy and warm inside. I have to say I love this time of year. It is my favorite season followed by spring.

Lovely photos! We didn't make it as far as Abingdon in 2013 so we have something to look forward to in the future.

Carol said...

Hi Jaq, thanks for the comments. When you do get to Abingdon moor up on the meadows closer to the lock they’re quieter than on the moorings opposite the town but a bit further to walk if you need shopping! We’ve not quite decided what we’ll do for winter yet, whether to stay on the Thames or return to the GU.
Best wishes. Carol.