Friday, 3 October 2014

Another warm sunny day and a reunion

 October at its very best - the morning sun shining on the meadow as we leave our mooring yesterday.
 It’s always good to see the water being used for commercial transport; the digger appears to be taking from the hopper and putting it onto the bank
 Pilot tug Cherwell tows the laden and unladen hoppers to and from the dredger that is working downstream of Abingdon town.

Not long after we’d descended Abingdon Lock and moored up on the meadow Sue and Vic arrived to join us again for a few days.

 Amazing sunrise this morning onto the trees opposite our mooring on the meadow upstream of Abingdon Bridge ...
... as George takes Molly for her early morning consitutional!

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Sue said...

Beautiful pics Carol.. George must have seen my bedroom curtains drawn at that time of day! :lol