Saturday, 11 October 2014

Last Day in Days

 We have soooo enjoyed watching the red kites soaring and calling
... and walking by the lake with its varied water birds, but tomorrow we’re on the move again!


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lovely photos as usual. I loved the ones of George and Molly romping together! Have you tried having Tesco deliver? We had no problem at all when we were on the Thames. Woke this morning and it was only 9 degrees above freezing!
Stay warm!
Jaq & LesXX

Carol said...

Hi you two,
Yes, Molly really enjoys a good romp in an open field, George and I have to go in different directions and she hurtles between us back and forth!
We’ve had Tesco deliveries on the Thames in years past but not this year as yet as the cupboards have been well stocked and most of the time we’ve not been in a mooring where a delivery would be possible. We’re currently on our way towards London again, passing Tesco at Reading where I’ll do a big shop - I have to admit I do enjoy walking around the store occasionally looking what else is on the shelf!
We’ve certainly had some cold mornings lately, the summer I think, has now gone for this year!
Look after each other and you two stay warm too - we may meet up on the GU somewhere during our winter cruising. xxx