Friday, 5 July 2019

South to the Welsh border ...

Monday (1st July) we left our Largs family and started our journey south.
It was a drizzly, dull day but with promise ... hopefully!

We're off to the English/Welsh border town of Hereford in the Wye Valley where we're staying with friends at Castle Cliffe House
Bedroom with four-poster bed ...
and views over the River Wye which straddles the English/Welsh border and is the 5th longest UK river

This map John Speede 1610)shows that Castle Cliffe House was an integral part of the  fortified wall surrounding Hereford Castle until the 1650's after the civil war
 Pretty garden overlooking the river
Down the cellar steps from the kitchen into the garden ...
 Time for a walk ...
Castle Cliffe House (the watergate) has been in almost constant us for over 700 years. Documentation shows that it was in ruins in 1677 and the house was described as 'a dwelling house' or 'Governors Lodge' ... it's first recording of use as a residence.

In 1787 there was a further change of use to a 'Bridewell' ... prison or local lock-up!

Florence Parlby moved into Castle Cliffe in 1906 and took in paying guest to supplement the family income after their father William Parlby, who was a Liberal politician and supported women's suffrage, suffered financial difficulties
Looking downriver from Wye Bridge built in 1490
With long standing friends Andy and Jen

River Wye Bridge
Hereford Cathedral where the 13th century Mappa Mundi is displayed

The boys have been shopping!
Outside the Cathedral after a lovely meal at Miller and Carter Steak House.

A great day with great friends.

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