Sunday, 14 July 2019

Changes afoot ...

 It didn't take long to get to our mooring on Tuesday (9th July) 
 it's peaceful here but there is some boat movement occasionally 

Coming for a meal ...

 but not ours!
We've not been idle either ... George has fitted a new shower as the old one had started to 'stick' on the thermostat so was difficult to change the temperature ... this one works a treat and looks nicer too!

Still Rockin' has had a bit of a make-over too ... scrubbed and polished inside and out.  Cupboards and drawers sorted and lots of space made by vacuum bagging and storing under the bed ... as the title suggests ... changes are afoot.

 Last rays of the sun ...
 make the fields and trees glow

We'll be returning to Abingdon tomorrow to finish off the outstanding tasks.


Vallypee said...

You’ve been busy, you two! It’s so satisfying to have a good clean out, isn’t it?

Carol said...

We have and it certainly is Val, it's surprising how much 'stuff' gets taken to the charity shop every time!