Wednesday, 19 June 2019

To Wallingford

 Friday we treated ourselves to a meal out at the John Barleycorn in Goring ... salmon wellington for me and pork chops for George - both very tasty.
 Sunset on Sunday (16th June) below Goring Lock
 8 o'clock Monday morning George cast off from Goring visitor moorings while I walked up to operate the lock where I found the top gates and sluices open ... a naughty boater!
Goring has lovely lock garden borders ... lots of plants for bees and pollinators.
 Goring weirs
 Even this early there are boats on the move
 Mrs Grebe and her chicks in the choppy water ... it's a bit windy today!
 Cleve Lock next just ¼ mile upstream of Goring ... and these gates have been left open too ... who just came through there then?  The blue hire boat Ambassador!
We've had foamy suds like these skimming past Still Rockin' all the while we've been moored at Goring!
 This made both of us laugh out loud ... the cormorant in the middle looks like a penguin!
 The Greylag family

 We had a lovely time last year at this mooring visiting North and South Stoke.
 Approaching Wallingford Bridge ... our destination ... and I can see a familiar boat through the arch ...
 it's Helen and Andy Tidy on Wandering Bark ... and the Jam Butty. We popped by to say hello on our way back from shopping, but unfortunately they'd left.
Wallingford Town Centre ... home of Agatha Christie and the town of Causton in Midsomer Murders
St Peter's, a redundant Anglican church now used as a music centre stands in a narrow lane near Wallingford Bridge

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