Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Before I could get the words out ... {Edited}

 Friday evening's sunset (31st May) at 9 o-clock and Saturday morning's sunrise at 6:30 from our mooring at Dorney Lakes where the 2012 Olympic Rowing events took place.
 It was very busy on the river on Saturday, it was very warm and people were out enjoying themselves.  After we'd completed our tasks for the day we went for a walk ...
by the rowing lakes.
Although we're moored only a 100 yards or so from here we had no idea that the  Metropolitan Regatta was underway, we couldn't hear any noise from the event at all.

 This regatta is international and attracts crews from schools and universities in the UK as well as Europe and the US
A memory ... on the 1st August 2012 me and George on nb Rock 'n' Roll and Ann and Charles on Moor2Life were cruising from Bourne End downstream during the Olympics and happened to see Heather Stanning and Helen Glover on the Thames showing off their gold medals to the press click here for the blog post where there's a video that I took on the day.
 Back at Still Rockin' I notice that my wild strawberries are starting to ripen ... you can bet these weren't there a few minutes later ... although very small they are wonderfully sweet!
Sunday was not such a pleasant day weather-wise and we spent it finishing off those inside jobs and again walked up to the lakes to watch a few of the regatta finals.
 A very early start on Monday morning ... sunrise as I make the morning cuppa at 5 o'clock
and just 5:50 when we'd cast off and were on our way
 A lucky shot!  We don't see many kingfishers on the Thames.

 From under the M4 I can see that someone has left the lock gates open at Bray but we couldn't go straight in as George still needed to pull over to the lock landing to let me off to operate the lock.
 Rising at Bray Lock
 Loved the manicured hedging in this garden as we approached Maidenhead ...
 where these lock gates were also open ... and the sign says that there's a lockie on duty ... I don't believe that ... it's only 6:45!

 Boulters Lock, Maidenhead

Safely through today's second lock ... suddenly ... before I could get the words "I can smell fuel" out of my mouth Still Rockin's engine spluttered and stopped!

 George knew instantly what the problem was and we drifted over to the nearest bank and tied up
The fuel hose had blown out of the oil fuel filter housing and this was the second time it's happened (see here for that blog post)  When this happened in Nov 15 George and Marcus of Marcus Marine agreed that this was a design fault of the Beta Engine as the hose is only secured to the housing with glue and of course the glue breaks down over time.  At that time the fuel housing was replaced by Beta.  As a temporary measure George has tie-wrapped both fuel hoses in place until he can speak to Beta again about this ongoing problem.  Has anyone else experience this problem with a Beta engine?
 20 minutes later we were on our way again
 No stopping at Cliveden today

 Work is still progressing on Cliveden's canoe which, when finished will be used for public trips on the Thames

  Third lock of the day at Cookham also informs that a Lock Keeper on duty, as it was just after 9 by now it was just possible but there was no sign of Danny ...
 but he appeared as I was bringing George through ... he'd been checking the weirs and hadn't realised that yesterdays crew had forgotten to change over the signs when they finished last evening.

Two more boats entering Cookham Lock as we leave.
As we approached Bourne End George suggested that instead of going on to Marlow which was our original destination, we could moor here so that I can arrange a Tesco delivery (the fridge is just about bare!) tomorrow and we could treat ourselves to a meal at the Shady Oak ... sounded like a good plan to me ... so we pulled over ...

 with great views all around ... it is one of our favourite mooring sites although we're not always lucky enough for a space to be available.

Not all plans come to fruition though ... there were no slots for a Tesco delivery here until Wednesday morning so we will stay for an extra night.

A gaggle of Greylag Geese ...
 with babies!
 My view from the galley window as I start to prepare our evening meal.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

A rather long boating day, Carol!

After our discussion about mooring places on the Thames, I am envious. Give what is going on with David at the moment, I am unsure if we will get down your way this season, dammit!


Carol said...

Never mind Marilyn, you need to be in the best place for David and yourself just now. The Thames and us will be here another time. We wish David the best of luck with all that he's going through and you both will be in our thoughts over the next few months. Sending supporting hugs to you both.