Friday, 7 June 2019

Medmenham (Mednham)

The weather brightened and warmed up on Thursday afternoon (6th June)
and we saw more wild water swimmers passing the boat
and with the sun the bbq also came out ... so George is in his element!
More paddle boarders as ...
as the sun set over the meadow
at 21:30

Friday was cold and very, very wet, we had the heating on for most of the day, the chimney, coal, kindling etc., have been put away so the central heating was a boon, even in June!

This morning (Saturday 8th) after a wet night it was much warmer and we took the bus into Marlow to do some bits of shopping.
 8:15 as I write this blog post the last of the sun reflecting in the river ...
is casting a shadow across the meadow.


Vallypee said...

We had the same here, Carol. Actually Friday itself wasn't so bad, but the storm hit us hard on Friday night and it was very windy yesterday too. What weird weather for June, isn't it?

Carol said...

Flaming it certainly isn't Val! We managed to move in the dry yesterday and the rain fell early evening. today it's back to throwing buckets of the stuff at us once again!