Thursday, 6 June 2019

Flaming June!

 Tuesday (4th June) was a stay indoors day for us ... there was a chilly wind out there and not much sign of the sun either.

George spent a couple of hours down in the engine bay with lots of hot soapy water cleaning up the spilt fuel from yesterday's calamity.
 Early afternoon and it rained ... boy, did it rain!
This very lovely, sleek barge was winding in the wide water by our mooring at Bourne End obviously looking for a space to pull in.  George stepped out and suggested they pull alongside for which they were grateful.  Andy and Debbie on 'Molly' were only staying for a couple of hours ...
 and by 4:15 when the rain had turned to drizzle they departed.

Yesterday (June 5th) our Tesco order arrived in good time and by 10:15 we'd also departed from Bourne End ... not going far though ...
 A splash of colour on another grey, chilly day
 Marlow EA visitor moorings ... long enough but too much of a curve to moor just here ...
 and here would do if that little boat wasn't in the middle.
Fortunately for us he agreed to move forward ...
 That'll do for us for tonight
 Marlow's All Saints Church with its beautifully intricate tower and spires seen through the trees above Marlow Lock.

Our business in Marlow done and dusted ... we're on the move again today (Thursday 6th).

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