Sunday, 2 June 2019

Back to Oz ... and a boating friend ...

Monday (25th Feb) and our boating friend collected us from the hotel and drove us to meet a friend from our past ... over 40 years ago.  Babs' late husband Mick and George worked together in the RAF many moons ago and when Mick came out of the airforce they and their two children emigrated to Australia.  We've kept in touch via mutual friends and later via facebook so it was very special to meet up with her again ... she hasn't changed one bit!  We spent a very pleasant hour with her and arranged to visit her at her home in a few days time.
The following day our boating friend (have you guessed yet who this could be?) took us to Ballarat Wildlife Park ...
to see and feed the free-roaming kangaroos!
And here's the boating friend ... Ray of course ... of ex narrowboat Ferndale fame! Unfortunately Diane was up in Queensland with her Mum who was in hospital and couldn't make it home that week.  We were sorry not to have met with her but she was where she needed to be and we completely understood.

The Meerkats were amazing and so funny and inquisitive  when the ranger came to feed them ... just look at those two little faces!

Soooo beguiling!

The Reptile House

George and Ray looked at these creatures

while I stayed outside!

Gives me the creeps!

More cuties!

The Emu's and Kangaroos seemed to get on well together and even the odd pigeon too!

Two female dingos ... 
so tame!

The three male dingos had to 'sit' before being fed, but there was a distinct pecking order there!


Black Swans

We were really disappointed to hear on arriving at the tiger enclosure that Maneki the Sumatran tiger had just been swimming in the pool.  According to more recent information Maneki now has a friend Satu

talk about being able to sleep on the side of a sixpence!

Cassowary a native of Australia.

I didn't think this was real ... I've never seen the like before!

It's apparently the world's deadliest bird and has been know to kill a person
We spent a wonderful few hours at the park ... it was good to be able to get up close and personal with some of the resident animals.
Australia's White Ibis are a common sight in some urban areas of Australia.  We saw these as we drove back to Ray's house.

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