Monday, 24 July 2017

Swan Upping part 2 ... and the transpired events unfold ...

Remember in my previous post that after seeing the swan uppers arrive in Wallingford George and I walked towards the castle but the cattle prevented us from crossing the field so we walked on?  Do you?  Well, this is what we came across a few minutes later ... lots of photos, but no apologies for that ...

 The officer is suggesting that the pen (female) goes back into the river before the cob as he was becoming rather aggressive 

Well, what excitement that was - I felt so privileged to have been able to watch the swans being released back into the water.  Perhaps next time we shall see them capture them and do all the monitoring process on the swans.

And how the events transpired ... when I looked online to see where and when we could see the swan upping and that Abingdon was their final destination I had a senior moment and thought that we were in Abingdon and that's why I couldn't understand why they come through earlier!  We were of course in Wallingford (an easy mistake to make!).

If we hadn't decided to go for a walk we'd have missed it altogether.
If the cows hadn't been on the path across the field to the castle  we wouldn't have walked on and we'd have missed the fantastic colourful sight that we did see.  

We were sooooo lucky!

Later in the afternoon the swan family came a-calling none the worse for their ordeal.


Jennie said...

Wow Carole what an amazing experience. The photos are fabulous. Jennie

Carol said...

It was great Jennie, thanks.