Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Walton to Teddington

On Monday we stayed at Walton and went for a walk with Nicky and Keith along the Thames Path
 Egyptian goslings just a few days old
 We walked to the River Wey and along to the second lock before turning back
 Nicky and Keith came to share lunch with us when we got back with their delightful Hungarian Vizslas Binks and Benji.

Yesterday not early (20 to 11) we let that pesky wind wind us downstream once again

Passing the Environment Agency docks

... and was soon approaching Hampton and Sunbury Lock on self service

 ... where the lock keeper's house is up for let and we shared the lock with another widebeam - we bet that he was going for water at Molesey and would now hold us up.

Passing Port Hampton and Dave Gilmore's studio boat

 Just an hour after setting off we reach the last lock of the day at Molesey and yes, he did take the water point! Not to worry though we have no time restraints today which was a good job as it was another hour before we were through the lock approaching Hampton Court Bridge

 ... and Hampton Court.  I've never seen a court volunteer at this little doorway before.
 Badger Sett enjoying the sunshine on a wonderful mooring

 Through Kingston on Thames and we arrive at our destination Teddington
 Looking back from our mooring

The Thames Venturer 'Making the Thames Accessible 

And some real eyesores along the way
Below Sunbury Lock
Just past Hampton Court Bridge
and above Teddington Lock
None of the above looked safe enough to be on the water let alone someones home.  I know that the one at Teddington has been confiscated by the EA and wonder if the other two have have too.

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