Thursday, 23 March 2017

Alfresco cruising

Now that we're back on the canals we have to put down the pram hood which covers the back deck to enable us to get under the canal bridges ... I can tell you it's a bit nippy on the back without that shelter!
 We moved up to Brentford Lock this morning

 ... not expected any problems so was surprised to see 2/3 of the canal blocked off, this was going to be difficult!

 ... and we got stuck on the bottom churning up dirty black silt and plastic buckets, it took some minutes of lots of power to create a groove that enabled us to move forward.
 Still Rockin' on Brentford Lock landing while I set the lock
 We had a quick look round the corner to see if there were any spaces for us but we didn't really expect to see any and we we weren't disappointed!
 While the water tank was slowly filling I walked up the River Brent to see if there was a mooring space there.  Lots of building work going on here

Note the CRT logo on the display board, I wonder if this land belongs/belonged to them?
 I found the last spot and George brings SR up.  This is a very windy spot and it took a bit of heaving on ropes to get us in but with lots of padding around the side of Still Rockin' and once we'd put the pram hood up again we shall be snug enough.

Not the best of outlooks but it'll do us for a few days
With this car park just a few feet away our visitors will have somewhere to park and not far too walk either!

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